RJ Robles graduated from Steinmetz College Prep High School in Chicago and received their B.A. from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Gender & Women’s Studies/Applied Psychology/Religious Studies. They are currently wrapping up a Master of Divinity degree in Queer and Trans Theology at Vanderbilt University and work as a graduate assistant with the Trans Buddy Health Advocacy Program of the Office of LGBTQI Life at Vanderbilt University. They identify as a bilingual, first generation, Transgender, Christian person of color. They are a passionate student dedicated to public service and an experienced community youth organizer.

They are one of the most empathetic and affirming people I have ever met.
— Aisha Chaudhri

Robles' passion and dedication to trans activism as a core part of their faith uplifts the idea that identities do not have to feel oppositional and that it's unnecessary to leave or lose parts of identities in order to affirm other parts. Their work pushes the boundaries of all binaries and challenges people to expand their ideas about identity in general. As a previous ICAH youth leader, they taught many young people and adults about what intersectionality actually means. Their life is dedicated to championing for the most marginalized groups due to their own experiences of oppression.

I believe that my purpose in life is to work on trans activism through a study of theology, and to continue my work with trans youth. This passion stems from experiencing multiple forms of oppression throughout my life and struggling through those realities. I am interested in interdisciplinary studies of religion/gender/sexuality, liberation/feminist/queer theology, and queer theory. I have a passion & a knack for working with youth. I hope to be an inspiration for many, but most importantly, I hope to have the opportunity to continue my ardent passion for rights of LGBTQ youth.
— RJ Robles