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ICAH's Change, Heal, Act Together (CHAT) Network engages youth and their communities through peer education, online and offline campaigns, and systems change work. Youth members range from 16-22 years old and are a combination of past youth program participants and youth who are new to ICAH. They gain expert knowledge around sexual health and reproductive justice through rigorous training and learn to organize, educate, and advocate for better programs and policies in school, family, and health systems. Members take the lead in facilitating ICAH’s peer education workshops.


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Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Look out!

What are CPCs?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or CPCs, are harmful to young people and people of all genders who can get pregnant.

Chicago has two CPCs: Aid for Women and Caris Pregnancy Resources.

CPCs are government-funded fake clinics with no medical license that have the legal right to lie to their patients by providing biased or incomplete information about pregnancy options. Their main goal is to lure pregnant folks--often young, working class, people of color--into their clinics to prevent them from accessing abortion care. One of their main tactics is shame.

ICAH’s Values

CPCs can and do put young people in danger. Young people deserve to be safe, affirmed, and healthy, which includes having access to all the information they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, lives, and families, including the decision to seek an abortion.

We believe in young people’s capacity to make decisions. We believe that we must #TrustYouth.

Talking Points for Accomplices (You!)

  1. Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are not medically licensed.

  2. Pregnant folks can be of all genders.

  3. Though abortion is a legal right, not all folks can actually access abortion care. CPCs are a very real barrier to access.

  4. #NoShame: Abortion is a normal, common, and safe pregnancy option.

  5. #TrustYouth: Listen to, respect, and trust the decisions of young people.

What You Can Do:

1. #ExposeFakeClinics Locally

Chicago has two CPCs (view CPCs in your area here)!

Write a negative review of Aid for Women or Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources. Rate them 1 star and expose the truth about their practices.

Some examples of what you might write include: “This is a fake clinic,” “This clinic is coercive and does NOT provide counseling on all pregnancy options,” or “Do not access this clinic if you are considering abortion care.”

2. Protect #AbortionAccess Nationally

From our friends at All* Above All: “Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh… [would] advance Trump and Pence’s agenda of punishment and shame on abortion, immigration, and workers’ rights.”

Learn more and tell your senators to reject Judge Kavanaugh today.