Nik Zaleski is a director, playwright, and cultural activist rooted primarily in the reproductive justice movement. Professionally, she has worked as a consultant on arts-based strategy for various health-focused organizations. At ICAH, she directs the FYI Performance Company, which designs participatory theater experiences about sexual health and sexual violence. Nik is an Artistic Associate for Sojourn Theater and has directed performance for FYI, Redmoon Theater, Northwestern University, Ag47, Urban Gateways, and Erasing the Distance, where she is also a company member. She helped found Swarm Artist Residency, where she helps organize safe, inclusive spaces for Chicago artists.

Nik’s embodiment of healthy allyship has taught me so much about how to build a better world. Her clarity in leadership, faith in abundance, and care when working through conflict/disrupting oppression has resulted in the growth of irreplaceable communities that demonstrate the best of human capability. Nik reminds me of the good that’s within reach: one person can make a huge difference in many, many lives, and it starts with cultivating truly safe spaces and holding ourselves and others accountable. To me, she’s a textbook everyday revolutionary.
— Monica Guzman