Jasmine Despain graduated from Utah State University in May 2017. Throughout her college experience, she poured her heart and soul into making Utah State University and the wider community a better place through extensive volunteerism, mentoring of other students, and participation in a multitude of clubs across campus. Jasmine is passionate about issues of diversity and inclusion and ensures that every space has a welcoming atmosphere for all people regardless of race, gender, or sexual identity. As a strong advocate for women’s rights, she served as president of I Am That Girl and Students For Choice, where she has fostered safe spaces for her peers to engage in difficult conversations regarding consent, sexuality, shame, and more.

Jasmine’s commitment to social justice and advocacy in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, sexual violence, and Native American rights marks her as a true Everyday Revolutionary. Jasmine leads foremost with vulnerability and passion and spreads kindness and support to literally every person she meets.
— Antonia Caba

Jasmine has given much of her time to championing the rights and voices of those around her, particularly in the Native American student community at USU. Representing her culture, she held the title of Miss American Indian Utah State 2016-2017. In April 2017, she was a finalist for Women of the Year at Utah State and was given the Student Advocate of the Year award from UCASA, the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Jasmine’s volunteerism was honored with the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 for completing 4,000 hours of service to her community. Currently, she is working full-time, applying to grad schools, and hoping to become a volunteer with a variety of organizations in Salt Lake City.