nominate an everyday revolutionary!

By recognizing Everyday Revolutionaries, ICAH honors youth and allied adult leaders who have contributed to the success of our community and have embodied ICAH’s values.

ICAH’s Values

  • Centering youth voice: Everyday Revolutionaries support young people as leaders

  • Working at the intersections: Everyday Revolutionaries advocate for racial, youth, birth, gender, labor, disability, immigrant, and reproductive justice

  • Disrupting systems of oppression: Everyday Revolutionaries promote policies, process, legislation, and ordinances that support young people in being safe, affirmed, and healthy

  • Supporting radical empathy: Everyday Revolutionaries actively support their communities

Criteria for Nominations

  • Demonstrated service to our community through activism in support of young people, volunteering, mentorship, civic leadership, philanthropy, or advocacy

  • An understanding of the opportunities and barriers facing young people in healthcare, school, and family systems

  • A person who will champion and support ICAH’s mission, values, and strategies of comprehensive sexuality education, capacity building and mobilizing, creative communications, and advocacy.