Voices Campaign

Voices Campaign

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Teen girls in foster care are 2.5 times more likely than their peers not in foster care to get pregnant by age 19, and half (50%) of the 21-year-old males aging out of foster care report they had gotten someone pregnant compared to 19% of their peers who were not in the system.
(Source: Bilaver, L.A., & Courtney, M.E. (2006), Foster Care Youth. Science Says #27. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy)

About the Voices Campaign

The Voices Campaign addresses the unique challenges regarding sexual health and wellness of youth in foster care; youth whose voices and concerns are often not represented in conversations about youth sexuality. Primarily using Facebook and Twitter, the Voices campaign will give an outlet for "listening" and engaging in the topics most pressing to these youth and gather the themes to outline a plan for advocacy. Additionally, through letters, postcards, and opinion-editorials,  the Voices Campaign members will initiate a dialogue with policymakers and media (e.g., American Public Health Association, Chicago Defender) to communicate the gripping concerns of foster care youth and offer recommendations for policy change.

Follow us on Twitter or use the hashtag #ICAHVoices.

For more information, contact Vernon Johnson, POWER Through Choices Youth Development & Education Specialist, at vernon@icah.org or 312-427-4460 x226.

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