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Young people in Chicago need youth-led, youth-created education that reflects their inquiry and needs. They need information that is interactive, creative and youth-friendly to engage in authentic dialogue about their health. ICAH Peer Educators provide accessible, medically accurate workshops to suit these needs.  

ICAH Peer Educators facilitate medically accurate, age-appropriate, and youth-led sexual health trainings in schools, after-school programs, and conferences. They have been certified in the National Bacchus Peer Education Curriculum and receive rigorous sexual health training through ICAH. The Peer Educators are supported in the workshop by an adult staff member of ICAH, who also provides additional written resource materials for youth participants.

For more information, contact Aisha Chaudhri, Adult Education Coordinator at or 312-427-4460 x228 about bringing an affordable training to your community. Select a pre-existing workshop, or design one from the Menu of Activities below to tailor to your needs. 

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Choose a youth-led, youth-created workshop that best fits your organization’s needs.

  • Sexual Health - introduces participants to common STIs, including characteristics and modes of transmission. This workshop also presents barrier method demonstrations and provides the opportunity for participants to practice effective communication styles.
  • Sexual Rights - identifies the legal rights youth have in accessing health care services while helping participants identify their personal responsibilities in accessing their rights.
  • Sexual Identity - clarifies the difference between sex and gender and provides activities for participants to explore gender identity and gender expression. The Sexual Identity workshop also provides various sexual orientation terms and definitions, including how to be an ally to LGBTQ communities. 
  • Boundaries and Risk - leads participants to investigate their sexual health boundaries, as well as the risk of infection and unplanned pregnancy associated with specific sexual activities.
  • Sexuality and Sensuality- defines the five components of sexuality (Physical, Chemical, Social, Intellectual/Emotional, and Cultural) while focusing on the chemical make-up of pleasure. This workshop also explains how pleasure can be both a sexual and non-sexual experience.
  • Resources Beyond the Classroom - engages participants in a dialogue about how they currently access sexual health resources and information. It provides activities for ensuring the accuracy of individualized resources and helps participants assess their comfort level in accessing their resources.
  • HIV Prevention - defines HIV and AIDS, provides information on the behaviors and four fluids that can transmit the infection, and clarifies HIV myths and facts.
  • Media Justice - examines the connection between popular culture and sexual health. By interpreting sexual messages in advertising, music, TV and film, the workshop leads participants to become more conscious media consumers. It examines how negative messages are used by media sources, while providing tools for understanding those messages. 
  • Puberty and Development - helps participants understand the various stages of the life cycle as they relate to sexual development.
  • Anatomy of the Sexual Experience - identifies key anatomical and body parts engaged in the sexual experience while listing the major organs involved in reproduction & conception.
  • Peer Education - provides participants with the tools to educate their peers on basic STI information, proper barrier method use as well as how to communicate the importance of sex education to adults and peers.



Create your own workshop from the Menu of Activities Below.  ICAH Peer Educators can combine multiple activities to facilitate a workshop tailored to your organization.

Sexual Health

  • Facets of Sexuality
  • Viral, Bacterial, and Parasitic Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Condom Demonstrations
  • Your Brain on Pleasure- Exploring Dopamine and Oxytocin
  • Effective Communication Styles
  • HIV Myths and Facts
  • Fluids and Behaviors that lead to HIV Transmission
  • Preventing STIs in 10 minutes
  • Risk Reduction
  • Puberty and Development
  • Reproductive Anatomy

Sexual Rights

  • Knowing your Health Care Rights
  • Sexual Citizenship
  • Assessing the Accuracy of Youth Sexual Health Resources
  • Increasing Comfort & Descreasing Barriers in Accessing Sexual Health Resources
  • Chris Brown and Rhianna: Understanding Blame
  • Sex Sells: Connecting the Media, Sex and Money
  • Responding to Sex Negative Messages
  • Knowing your Sexual Boundaries

Sexual Identity

  • Differentiating Sex and Gender
  • Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Gender Roles
  • Sexual Orientation
  • LGBTQ Terms and Definitions
  • Heterosexism and Homophobia
  • LGBTQ Violence and Bullying
  • Becoming a Strong Ally

Sexual Health Education

  • Facilitation Styles
  • Peer Youth- Led Sex Ed: Teaching your peers
  • Making the Case for Sex Ed

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