Training for Adults by Youth

Training for Adults by Youth

The Youth Leadership Council, ICAH's education, new media and advocacy group, provides health education not only to their peers, but also to professionals and caregivers. The YLC provides training on youth and adult partnerships, on bringing youth voice from the margins to the center of programs, and on youth-friendly program strategies. All services are fee-based.

YLC members regularly train professionals in healthcare, family and school settings to transform their approach to adolescent health. For example, YLC members train nurse professionals on youth-friendly home visits through a partnership with the Young Women's Health Initiative out of Mercy Hospital. YLC members tailor their workshops to meet the needs of our partners and can design custom trainings for sites as well. 

For more information, contact Aisha Chaudhri, Adult Education Coordinator at or 312-427-4460 x228

Professional Development Workshops

Creating #AdultAllies in School, Family and Healthcare Settings: Youth-Friendly Approach: A workshop created and led by youth for adults and providers, facilitated by the Youth Leadership Council.

Youth-Friendly Program Design: Youth Leadership Council members will consult with your organization to design program materials, evaluations and youth-friendly spaces to suit your organizational needs.

Meeting Youth where they are: A workshop on incorporating harm reduction strategies within adolescent sexuality education. 

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