Talk the Talk Card Game Now Available!


Team ICAH has a new game called Talk the Talk!

Talk the Talk is a card game similar to Apples to Apples, but with a twist... You get to improvise conversation starters about sex, sexuality and healthy relationships using characters that you create!

Co-created by ICAH youth leaders, staff, and with input from given and chosen family members, this game will help youth and adults start conversations about sex and sexuality in a fun and fearless way. By taking on the role of a character that you create in each round, you can approach interesting scenarios from a variety of perspectives. Scenarios deal with issues of sexual health, rights, and identities. Identity cards can lead to silly, serious, and ridiculous combinations of personality traits, careers, and outlooks resulting in unpredictable responses. You might be surprised -- sometimes the least likely character might give you the best advice.

We're looking forward to playing with you!

 Read the playbook here.






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