ICAH Provides Professional Trainings

ICAH Provides Professional Trainings

Adult Ally Trainings

ICAH’s Training and Education Department offers a variety of professional development opportunities for adults who work to support the sexual health, identity, and rights of youth, including our new Adult Ally Training Series.

REGISTER NOW for March 1, 2013 Creating Safe Spaces: Adolescent Sexual and Gender Identity

This workshop will provide an overview of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as how to create safe spaces for young people who identify in various ways along sexuality and gender spectrums. Participants will increase their own knowledge and skills of how to be allies for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth.

Visit our website for ICAH's full Training Calendar, with more information about all of our upcoming Adult Ally Trainings. Email joy@icah.org for more information.


Adult-for-Adult Professional Development Trainings

Since September, ICAH's Manager of Sexual Health Education Joy Messinger has facilitated more than a dozen professional development sessions to build the capacity of health educators, teachers, clinic staff, case managers, and other adult allies.

If you're interested in having ICAH provide professional development training for your staff on a range of sexual health, rights, identity, education, and healthy relationship topics, visit our website or email joy@icah.org for more information. 

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