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June 2013: Research Release on Given & Chosen Families

May 2013: Young People ARE Changing the World!

April 2013: New Deputy Director!

March 2013: No Stigma, No Shame

February 2013 Action Alert: Re-Envisioning Valentine's Day

February 2013 eNews: Transforming Public Consciousness

January 2013: January Predictions for Advocacy



December 2012 eNews: Your Actions This December

November 2012 eNews: Get to Know ICAH

October 2012 eNews: Let's Talk Month

August 2012 eNews: Join Team ICAH: AIDS Run/Walk 2012

July 2012 eNews: Sisters Empowering Sisters

June 2012 eNews: National Men's Health Month

May 2012 Action Alert: ICAH Bar Night

May 2012 eNews: Mama's Day Our Way

April 2012 Action Alert: ICAH & FYI Performing Health Collective Event

April 2012 Action Alert: Ninth Annual School Health Center Conference

April 2012 Action Alert: Do you support the health of youth in Illinois?

March 2012 Action Alert: Brown Bag: Parental Notification in Illinois

March 2012 Action Alert: Advocacy Day One Week from Today-- Advocate for Accurate Sex Ed w/ the RHA Coalition!

February 2012 Action Alert: Brown Bag: Engaging Males in Reproductive Justice

February 2012 Action Alert: Save The Date: March 10, 2012 to Educate, Inspire and Transform!

February 2012 eNews: Support State Bill HB 5290: The Bullying Prevention Policy

January 2012 eNews: New Standards for Sexuality Education



December 2011: Action Alert - Parent Notification Not in Effect in Illinois: But What Could It Mean for Me?

December 2011: World AIDS Day

November 2011: Action Alert - Real Education for Healthy Youth Act

October 2011: Action Alert - HB 3027 In-District Lobby Week

October 2011: A BIG Thank You!

September 2011: Stop Transmitting Silence: Join the Conversation

September 2011: Action Alert - A Special Message from ICAH Executive Director Yamani Hernandez

August 2011: ICAH Asks for Your Personal Stories in Support of HB 3027

July 2011: ICAH Urges Support of Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act

June 2011: ICAH Welcomes Yamani Hernandez as New Executive Director

May 2011: ICAH Supports Advocates for Youth's National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

April 2011: ICAH Believes in Community Service and Youth Leadership Development

March 2011: Take Action for Youth Now


November 2010: Interested in Joining the ICAH Team?

September 2010: Governor Quinn Rejects Title V Abstinence-Only Funding

July 2010: Young, Smart and Pregnant

June 2010: Let's Talk about Sex with Dan Savage

April 2010: Sexuality Education Report Released

February 2010: Young Parents Advocate for Supportive Services

January 2010: Sex Ed in the Health Care Debate


December 2009: Observing World AIDS Day

November 2009: Parental Notification Law in Limbo

October 2009: October is Sex Education Month

July 2009: Apply Now for Action Out Loud

April 2009: You're Invited: Open House

February 2009: Adolescent Birth Rate Increases

January 2009: Commemorate the 36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


December 2008: Happy Holidays from ICAH

December 2008: Welcome to ICAH Youth News!

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