ICAH's Youth Development Model holds Reproductive Justice values at its core. We constantly work at creating safe spaces to work with youth with an anti-adultist lens. As a result, we retain meaningful involvement of young people, and have lasting impacts on their lives and the organization. ICAH alumni stay connected with us as an extended family that spans across the country, some even being brought on as staff at ICAH or other amazing organizations in Chicago also fighting for reproductive freedom. Our youth are dedicated change agents in the movement for the long haul. 

Youth Leadership Development

“ICAH changed my life in a profound way. I met so many people, made so many friends, and had so many new experiences that I would never have been able to have. My eyes were opened to new points of view that I was never exposed to in my upbringing. My experiences, first as a participant in the youth activist training program, and then as a youth leader, came to define who I am as an individual, and made me more comfortable in my own skin.” –Gabrielle, Hampton University, Hampton, VA

“I’ve never been one to sit around and wait for things to occur; instead, I go out and try to make things happen. This mindset led to my participation in the activist world. I became involved with ICAH in summer 2008 and joined the Illinois Youth Policy Council a few months later. I am excited to see how our hard work will pay off in the near future!” –Anali Vargas, Jones College Preparatory, Chicago, IL

“I absolutely loved Action Out Loud! It was an amazing experience because, I not only got this wonderful training, I met other people as passionate as me. We were like a family by the end of the week.” –Veronica, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

“I’ve learned the statistics about STIs and unexpected pregnancies in the U.S. I also want to help change my school board policy so students can receive responsible sexual health education. I won’t quit until I see a change.” –Gary Yates, Irving Alternative High School, Quincy, IL

“I’m a very determined person who wants to bring awareness in my community to adolescent pregnancy and STI rates. I am excited to be a part of ICAH. I feel that my voice can be heard, and I can change my community and the world.” –Bianca Garrett, Walther Lutheran High School, Melrose Park, IL

“I just love the diverse group. In the Illinois Youth Policy Council, we’re from all parts of the state. We learn from one another, we impact one another—it’s a great experience. We traveled to Washington, D.C., in mid-November 2008 to do some lobbying on Capitol Hill. We all bonded, and it wasn’t only us. There were youth from five states, including us, and one international group. We were all moving to the same goal, helping other young people with their health rights.” –Veronica, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

“Being a part of the Illinois Youth Policy Council gives me a chance to help make a difference. No matter how much or how little information is provided, I know that whatever I give them will change their lives.” –Candis Ulmer, Joliet, IL

Training & Professional Development

“I am a junior high health teacher who’s participated in two of the trainings ICAH has offered. Since that experience I’ve recently become trained to do presentations… ICAH has provided me with research-based information, resources, and people willing to help me develop a sexual health program for my students and school district. This assistance is free of charge and the best quality comprehensive sexual health information I have received during my 25 years as a health educator.” −Gail Hallman, Robert Frost Junior High School, Schaumburg, IL

"We have been very fortunate to offer quality programs for teachers with the expertise of ICAH. Teachers have left workshops more confident, informed, and energized to bring solid curriculum back to their students. ICAH has been professional in every aspect of the development and implementation of these programs. We welcome them anytime to keep us up-to-date on current trends." −Diane E. Stempinski, Regional Office of Education #17, serving Dewitt, McLean, and Livingston Counties, IL

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