ICAH actively participates in collaborative partnerships to further promote sound public policies and practices related to adolescent sexual health at the local, state, and federal levels.

  • Campaign for Illinois' Future. A coalition of more than 250,000 Illinois citizens, including working families, advocacy groups, labor unions, and community organizations, that focuses on educating voters in Illinois about budget cuts and deficits. The organization supports the financial rights of working families and economic change for the people of Illinois.

  • Campaign for Reproductive Health and Access. A statewide coalition advocating for full reproductive autonomy regarding an individual's ability to use birth control, carry a pregnancy to term, or terminate a pregnancy. The campaign promotes sexual health education in Illinois public schools and the coverage of basic reproductive health services by government-funded health care programs. The coalition is working to pass the Reproductive Health and Access Act in the Illinois General Assembly.

  • Chicago Female Condom Campaign. A coalition of HIV/AIDS, reproductive justice, women’s health, and gay men’s health organizations dedicated to increasing awareness, access, and utilization of female condoms. The campaign works to reduce sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies by advocating for increased public health purchasing and distribution of female condoms, training service providers, educating community members, and executing a social marketing campaign.

  • Elev8 Chicago Campaign. A campaign to transform the educational achievement and life outcomes of disadvantaged middle school students in five Chicago schools. Elev8 establishes networks of relationships among school and community partners to extend the school day; create on-site health clinics; mobilize parent and community leaders; and advocate for policies that support similar comprehensive programs in other schools, locally and nationally. 

  • Health Care for America NOW! A national grassroots campaign of over 1,000 organizations that is building a movement to win, implement, and improve comprehensive health care reform by helping mobilize people in their communities to lobby their senators and representatives in Congress to stand up to the insurance companies and other special interest groups to achieve quality, affordable health care.

  • Illinois Coalition for School Health Centers. A project of the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, the coalition seeks to improve the physical and mental health status of children and adolescents in Illinois by advocating for the development, stabilization, and expansion of school-based and -linked health centers.

  • Illinois Partners for Human Services. A network of organizations that believes Illinois residents deserve access to basic public services for families, children, workers, the elderly and the disabled through support services, trainings, school programs, homecare and violence prevention.

  • Illinois Toxics Coalition. A state coalition seeking to protect Illinois’ residents and their environment from adverse impacts caused by exposure to widespread hazardous chemicals. The coalition is working to pass the BPA-Free Kids Act in the Illinois General Assembly to protect children’s health by eliminating BPA from children’s food packaging.

  • Prevention Now! Expanding Global Access to Female Condoms. A global campaign from the Center for Health and Gender Equity working to prevent the spread of HIV, reduce unintended pregnancy, and advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of all people worldwide. The main goal of the campaign is to ensure that governments and donor agencies provide the funds needed to dramatically increase access to female condoms and other prevention options.

  • Prevent School Violence Illinois. A statewide coalition coordinated by the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance in support of the Prevent School Violence Act, a state bill that will help decrease bullying and harassment in Illinois schools by defining bullying in state law, requiring schools to adopt anti-bullying policies, creating resistance education and training for students, and establishing a statewide task force.

  • Responsible Budget Coalition. A coalition committed to solving the current Illinois budget crisis, protecting jobs and public services, and advocating for fair taxes. The alliance supports tax reform in order to strengthen the economy, protect individual opportunities to succeed, and to defend each person’s right to health, safety and education.

  • Sex+++ Film Series. A monthly series of documentary screenings and discussions held at the Jane Addams Hull House. The screenings are free and open to the public and strive to facilitate dialogue about sexuality and culture between diverse populations, including sex workers, activists, academics and students.

  • Sexual Health Education to End Rape. A survivor-centered, sex-positive, anti-rape coalition coordinated by Rape Victim Advocates to prevent sexual assault, abuse and harassment, and victim blaming and to address myths about rape by providing age-appropriate sexuality education that promotes enthusiastic consent as the cornerstone of healthy sexual interactions.

  • SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective. A national network of women of color and allied organizations and individuals working together for reproductive justice. The collective serves as a training and capacity-building center for reproductive justice organizations working for human rights as well as a voice for U.S. women of color in the reproductive health and sexual rights movement domestically and globally.

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